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Batman v Superman – Bruce Wayne time-lapse Speed Drawing

This is a time-lapse screen capture of my drawing/painting the beginning of the Bruce Wayne animation rig that will be used in an upcoming animation that is out now! Click HERE to see it! 🙂
Music arranged and performed by me. Musical piece is “Mars” from Gustav Holst’s “The Planets Suite”

Are you ready to brood? 🙂
Please LIKE my Official Facebook page.

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Facebook change-up…

Okay everyone, please listen up. This week I am RADICALLY changing my friend lists, chopping it down to ONLY the people I actually talk to. I will then turn this into a truly personal profile and i will be slamming down the security curtain. Please let me know if you want  to stay on as out of 4,977 friends I may loose some folk in the mix and don’t wish to. If I do please send a note via my fanpage below. And I ask all my friends there to please go to my fanpage and give it a like to keep up with all there is to know, news-wise, in my world. Thank you all.

Jade Arcade Facebook fanpage


What Happened to the Facebook That I Used to Know?

A parody of the Gotye song, “Somebody that I used to know”. The song for my new video “What Happened to the Facebook That I Used to Know?” is now available at Amazon, iTunes and many other fine digital stores!

Click HERE for Amazon

Click HERE for iTunes